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Simple Answers to Difficult Questions

The idea behind this series is that there is a host of very complex information about digital photography, colormanagement and photo editing on the internet. The information is often confusing and sometimes just plain wrong. In my answers I intend to offer the minimum that is needed to more or less understand the subject and make a sensible decision for yourself.

Farne Islands

In the far north east of England, a few miles off the coast of Northumberland lie the Farne Islands. They are famous for their sea bird and seal colonies. During the nesting season, at its height from mid-May till mid-July, these Islands are the home of hundreds of thousands of sea birds. It is probably one of the best and most accessible places in Europe to photograph them.

Photographing Dragonflies

Many nature photographers must have had the experience. Dragonflies, damselflies and darters all seem to have eyes in the back of their head. After a painstakingly slow approach they often fly away when you are positioning your tripod. Here are a few basic rules of conduct that will considerably improve your success rate.

What did digital photography bring us?

I have written down some thoughts about my switch to digital photograpy back in 2003. The article also contains a (very unscientific!) comparison between slide images from the Nikon F100 and digital images made with the D100 and the D300. Please concentrate on the point I am trying to make, not on the images and their resolution. Photography is not all about resolution and megapixels.