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25 april 2009

I will be away from home for about a week starting 26 april. My next entry will be somewhere around 4 may 2009.

25 april 2009, cuckoo flowers

Cuckoo flowers, yesterday in a meadow near Drachten, Friesland. The soft focus effect was achieved by using a large aperture (f5.6) and by photographing "through" the flowers and the grass that were in front of the flowers that are in focus.

Cuckoo flowers, Friesland, The Netherlands
Nikon D300, Sigma AF 3.5/180mm Apo Macro at f5.6, 1/800 sec.


I have updated the gallery section of this site with a selection of images of Scotland. Most of the images are scans from slides. In the 1990's I used a Nikon F3 and fuji velvia 50 slidefilm for all my landscape photography. When it comes to film, and fuji velvia in particular, I do share the nostalgia of some people on the internet. Although I do not think that a Nikon F3 with ordinary nikon lenses and fuji velvia outperforms today's 12mp Nikon D300 in terms of resolution and colors. I intend to do a comparison between my last images from the Nikon F3 and the first ones from the Nikon D100 I bought back in 2003. I am very curious if I still think (as I did then) that the D100 outperforms the F3 and fuji velvia (with the same lenses of course). I will publish the results on my website in the near future.

23 april 2009

The farmer is using a giant vacuum cleaner (hidden in the red trailer) to scoop up the grass.

Harvesting the grass, Flevoland, The Netherlands
Nikon D300, AF-S Nikkor 3.5-5.6/16-85VR at 85mm, polarizer

21 april 2009, Dandelions

Yesterday, driving through the Flevopolder in my car, I came across a huge field of dandelions. For occasions like that I always have a Canon G9 compact camera in my bag. I have a Lensmate attached to my G9. The Lensmate is an accessory that makes it possible to screw in filters, diopters (for macro) and tele- and wide angle converters. In this case I screwed in a polarization filter. The Lensmate not only allows you to screw in accesories, it also protects the lens, doubles as a lens shade and on top of that makes it a lot easier to handle the G9. Usually you hold your compact camera between the thumbs and forefingers of both hands. With the Lensmate you can hold it just like you would hold a DSLR.

Dandelions, Flevoland, The Netherlands
Canon G9, Lensmate and polarizer, at 7mm (equiv. of 35mm full frame)

My Canon G9 and Lensmate
taken with: Nikon D300, AF-S Nikkor 3.5-5.6/16-85VR at 85mm

18 april 2009, De Deelen

This morning I visited "De Deelen", a wetland and marsh area in Friesland. The sky was blue and the sun was shining abundantly. The new leaves are bright green. The polarization filter I used for these landscape shots somehwat exaggerates the colors. But without the filter the photos were horrible. Shooting digital doesn't mean everything can be repaired afterwards in the computer.

De Deelen, Friesland, The Netherlands
Nikon D300, AF Nikkor 4-5.6/80-400 VR at 160mm

De Deelen, Friesland, The Netherlands
Nikon D300, AF Nikkor 4-5.6/80-400 VR at 85mm

17 april 2009, Spring!

I have been working very hard this week to update the entire lay-out of my website. I decided to remove all the items and background images that in my view just were a distraction from the contents and the images I would like to share with you.

Today I am starting a "what's new" page on my photography website. I have lots of ideas for regularly updating the contents of my website from now on. So keep coming back for more!

Last week I updated the photogallery with a series of new born lambs in the nearby national park "Drenths-Friese Wold". The sheep there were introduced in the area as a means to preserve the open character of the moorlands and sands.

The trees are all budding now. In the past few days I spent some time photograping the willows and other signs of spring.

Marsh Marigold, Caltha palustris
De Leyen, Friesland, The Netherlands
Nikon D300, AF-S Nikkor 3.5-5.6/16-85VR at 16mm

Budding Willow
Nikon D300, Sigma 3.5/180mm Macro