Ronno Tramper Photography

Equipment and Tests

What's in my bag and why

When it comes to equipment, I believe that less is more. Until 2003 I carried three camera bodies loaded with different types of film, a 2.8/300mm (which alone weighed in at two and a half kilos) and a ton of other fixed focal lenses. Not anymore! I've had some fun shooting my Nikon equipment with the Canon G9 compact. I can only hope Canon won't mind! Find out what's in my bag and why it's earned its place there.

Review: Nikons 70-300 AFS VR

Being the owner of a Nikkor 80-400 VR (non AFS, over three lbs or 1.5 kg heavy) I was looking forward to laying my hands on Nikons new 70-300 VR (AFS and only half the weight of the 80-400). A light weight 300 mm tele with fast autofocus and VR and the versatile zoom range of 70-300 all in one lens had been on my wish list for a long time. I had the opportunity to test them side by side and decided not to buy it.

Review: Close-up lenses for macro photography; to use or not to use?

Close-up lenses have a somewhat "iffy" reputation. This review proves that some of them may be really bad, but that the major brand (Canon, Nikon) diopters combined with high quality telephoto zooms can yield great results that come close to the image quality of very good dedicated macro lenses.